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All About Derrell

"Your life is like a dream, waitng to became a reality"


Derrell L. Simpson

Derrell Simpson, dubbed Washington City Paper's "Little Big Shot"and Chair of the District of Columbia Young Democrat's Upward Bound Committee is a Student at School Without Walls Senior High School, a youth relations specialist, political strategist and former Youth Campaign Manager for the Campaign to Re-elect Councilmember Vincent (Orange 2002)- the first youth to lead a major campaign.

Before, being dubbed "Little Big Shot" and joining the Orange campaign, Derrell, was the Community Coordinator for the District of Columbia NAACP Youth Council, served on the Board of Directors for Trinidad Concerned Citizens for Reform, Inc, an Executive Boardmember of the Advisory Council for the Joseph H. Cole Fitness Center.

Derrell, a veteran campaign worker has worked on several ANC, council, mayoral and congressional campaigns including: Orange, Wilbourn, Williams, Wells for Schoolboard , Eleanor for Our Vote, Brown, Lawson for ANC, Bowser for ANC, Lawson for ANC and Responsible Democrats for Ward 5 Democrats, Inc.

In addition, to working on political campagins, Derrell is a District of Columbia Commissioner on the DC Commission on National & Community Service, the Co-founder and CEO of Nvision, LLC a youth advocacy consulting firm, President of D.Eneterprise, LLC and Host of DC urban teen talk show "It's That Serious."

Derrell Simpson, is a native of the District of Columbia and resides in the Ward 8 Community of the Nation's Capital.